Dec 29, 2007

A New Way Of Remote Computing

click to enlarge the image. preview of the virtual environment is a online virtual computing environment running on linux based kernel but GUI and all is just like a modern vista aero interface. It is an implementation of a white paper on Virtual Computing New Era. Ghost offers a remote computing environment using any flash enabled browser from anywhere in the world at any time. Few features that are noticable is that It is cross plateform and has endless possibilities, even you can surf web using its own IP and proxies.

It is a complete Virtual Computer, Web OS and Online storage. It is secured and amazon certified. Using Ghost, you can virtually do -

  • Manage your files, apps etc

  • Storage upto 3 GB for your data and 3 GB for emails.

  • Integrated Email service , a POP3 capable client

  • Integrated IM service

  • Way to explore various online services which are woven within it like flickr, zoho,, google and lots there waiting for you

  • Has a ftp support @ ftp:\\

you might be thinking that with so many things and also that on a web based plateform might be heavy and suck your bandwidth but I found it Light weighted, loads really fast and eventually feel the user that it's all local.

You can virtually do anything that you might be thinking on your personal desktop. Can change wallpapers, themes and has a nice control panel.

If you dont want to compute virtually, you can use it as a storage device... and I hope it might open blocked sites in proxied environment. what you say? I haven't tried this but It's an intitution, Please have a try.

It's one of its kind.... A unique idea that is in alpha version right now.

Dec 25, 2007

What's next after Orkut

Hi folks,

Once when search queries on Google reached 10,000 per second in 2001, Oxford had to include google as a verb in their prestigious dictionary. It's now the time to include Orkut, because the whole world is orkutting but I think there is a limit to that also. Don't you think, you're bored of it and decreasing your online time on Orkut.

The recent trends according to mobile communities are attracting Indians like webaaroo's (our group is already present here). But what about Facebook which recently attracted Microsoft and pressurized Bill Gates to invest in it. Bill invested on 1.2% stake in Facebook this year. Now what's new in Facebook which is not in Orkut.

First, Facebook is already popular social network in US and not in India. Secondly, it is web 2.0 web application and it really uses 100% power of Web 2.0. It therefore allow you to add numerous applications created by different vendors you may or may not trust on. Third, FB is a buzz word for year 2007.

Orkuts Sandbox and Google's Monopoly

Orkut is also trying to add the concept of third party web applications in it's sandbox version. Currently, It is in baby stage and not everyone is allowed to use it. The new & very much required OpenSocial from Google which isn't GoogleSocial is the API created for developers which allows you to create apps for this social world. Though, Google always try to hide himself from the Monopoly Mirror but This mirror is getting transparent And you can judge yourself that the whole world is One that's Google One world. From search engine to email and now Mobiles too ( don't you heard of Google's new initiative ANDROID. Android is a new operating system for mobiles and its vision is to low down the Smart phone price by 400 % expected to hit markets in March 2008.). Google is becoming a life partner which supports us at every moment of life. It is the life-line of our life. Its brand name covers other useful services underneath.

Google is an Illusion!!

Think again!!

Web is getting easy and bulky.

we're currently facing web 2.0 and 3G which is already a newer technology for us but you should know Web 3.0 and 3.5G which is next? Officially released version of web is 2.1 currently and 3.0 is in labs of and :)

Easy the web would be, tougher it's management would be.

Day by day the number of web applications are appending in this already huge list. Our average time spend on each site is becoming is lesser and we're wasting our quality time in roaming from one network to another instead of finding right services.

There is a need for a solution for this.

Merry Christmas!!

Dec 14, 2007

Google Zeitgeist 2007

Google Zeitgeist 2007

The most awaited list of the year is out now by Google.

As we're bidding adieu to year 2007, what was the question that mingles someone's mind in the year, who is who? who is God? and so on....

The products and services which rages others in the cyberspace....topped by iphone, followed by facebook. New virtual world "second-life" is able to come under top 10 as well. To visit the highest Raising and falling, go through Google's Zeitgeist - the spirit of times. read more...

Dec 13, 2007

Career 100

RiseSmart, a subscription based site has compiled a list of the top 100 career related blogs. It is very special in terms of the popularity through out the globe. It's gamut starts from IT to HR, Entrepreneurship to Public sector, almost covering every aspect and corner of career for all the guys whether young or experienced. Have a look!!

Dec 7, 2007

Non-Verbal Behavior and Its Interpretation

(click to enlarge)
Art of soft communication
picture courtesy: CampusConnect, Infosys

Dec 6, 2007

Gmail Now Includes Pop-Up Keyboard Shortcut Guide [Keyboard Shortcuts]

If you've got keyboard shortcuts enabled in Gmail (turn 'em on in the Settings), you can now hit the question mark (?) to see an in-Gmail quick reference to what keys do what. The new addition to Gmail's interface looks wildly similar to the Greasemonkey Gmail Macros reference pop-up, transparency and all. What's great about this is that you can look up a shortcut easily; what sucks is that it overrides the Macros help shortcut which comes in Better Gmail 2. (The rest of the Macros work, just not the help pop-up.) There's a Gmail development arms race underway, Greasemonkeyers vs Googlers! Who wins? We all do, eventually. Hit the (?) key in Gmail to check out the shortcuts guide. (And give our favorite Gmail keyboard shortcut a try.) thanks to lifehacker!

Dec 5, 2007

Broadcast SMS to a group [almost free]

Want to gupshup with friends? Use your mobile, create a group on and invite your friends to it. Now you can send sms to all the users through this website.
you don't need to go online to invite your friends. Just follow this simple steps :
  1. Create your group by sending an SMS to 567673434. Example:CREATE mygroup123
  2. Invite friends to your group:INVITE 98200XXXXX 99203XXXXX
  3. Send group messages to 567673434. Example:Hi, welcome to IT::SGSITS.

itsgsits is a group already created. You just need subsribe to it. Now talking on how much to pay for it. They say, its free but really not. For every sms to 567673434, a normal message rate applied according to your operator. So cost of broadcasting of one message to a group will surely less than One Re.

Integration with gtalk: add to your buddy list and directly broadcast without a mobile... :D. Hey this is really cool for people like me.

Jul 10, 2007

Jul 9, 2007

Kanbay 3/7/2007

  1. Anshul Jain
  2. Deepak Soni
  3. Deepak Daswani
  4. Om Prakash Bhargava
  5. Rishi Mishra
  6. Devesh Tiwari
  7. Akanksha Thakur
  8. Ashish Kumar Kushwaha

Microsoft 28/7/2007

1 selected.

  • Poorvi Shrivastava

Jul 5, 2007


Zero Days Over!!

One month of difference as I call it. We guys at the college have undergone a weird and should I call it an 'amazing' one month of campus recruitment with companies pouring into the college from all directions to grab the students with both hands. The whole one month stint known as "Zero day" in our institute was one mind-boggling learning experience to say the least. People who have been hired and those who haven't  been ,have all experienced life with a totally different perspective. In this piece of text I am presenting my crazy outlook of how crazy things have been in this one crazy month.
One Month of Difference
The clandestine sixth semester exams had already made a mockery of us. We, future engineers, had faced a cruel reality. You can give it your all in the exams but it may or may not matter. The universal answer "it depends!" will always answer all your questions to life. The same thing happened yet again! The examination papers forced us to review our syllabus every time we went home after the exams, puzzled and infuriated. But , the time ahead was even more demanding .All of us had to prepare for the battle that lay ahead.
The sole purpose most of us were doing engineering was what was ahead of us, this holy ritual is called "CAMPUS RECRUITMENT". One month lay ahead of us to recollect all our ammunitions [if we had any] or temperorily arrange for some[that's my case ;)] and to go in and give it the best shot. I am reminded of Eminem who says
"You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo,"
And the music had begun. The first fifteen days, We worked really hard at it. We watched English movies to improve our English and then Hindi movies to relax. The geeks left the geeky things and started to mug up programs and the muggers ,well they continued what they were best at, mugging! As far as I am concerned, I was playing the role of a domestic animal in my cousin's impending ring ceremony. My friends ,well they were making me and others like me scared coz every time I talked to them they kept telling me that another technical subject had been revised.
As they say "time flies when you are having rum!".
On 15th of May I analyzed my position and found myself really under the gun. This whole under the gun scenario was not new to me. In fact it struck me with a feeling of dejavu and I experienced a rare flashback. When I was preparing for my entrance exam for college the whole thing was pretty similar and in fact at that time also I had suffered some indigestion. :) .This not so nice thought of indigestion made me bounce back to the present and I did call the shots finally on no one but my-lazy-self.
The next fortnight went long and hard. Unlike the last fortnight there were no 'supposedly motivating' lectures from the TPO , nor were any of us watching any movies[This is an assumption ;)] The man who achieved a lot of fame during these days was Mr. Yashwant Kanetkar. Out of nowhere he came and the very next moment everyone was enquiring others how much of his text had been gulped. Even orkut had changed a bit .now people used to ask "kitna hua?" instead of  "kya chal raha hai?".not that any of these make sense anyways.
Being an ITian I was supposed to complete at least   "THE data structures" apart from 'C'. And as always I failed to do DS ,I tried hard though, even in dreams I found myself falling from the tree  onto a stack of thorny books. 'pushing' my brains into data structures I always found myself forcefully 'popped' out! Finally I made a tough call,I decided to do other subjects instead.
The day had come ,the month of difference had started and to get the weirdness going ,it started on 31st of may!
Wipro people came in for the ppt and the HR said good morning, the crowd cried aloud as a reply as if everybody wanted to wish him from the bottom of their hearts. The HR was seeming to me like some bouncer of some bar [acc. To what I have seen in movies] He was like a genie who was going to make our wish come true. A hundred and six people got through and were able to rub the lamp successfully. Luckily I was among them as well. The call was made past midnight and all of us went haywire.
The sixth semester results came the same day. As I said earlier "IT DEPENDS".In engineering , time and again you have to remind yourself that u r not the one to call the shots. The results came like a high tide and washed all the hopes that  some of us had carved out in sands  by working hard for a month. And the craziest part is that we'll never know who has done the damage to out goddam careers. I felt really sorry for all those friends of mine who got an atkt in the most important semester of our engineering and thanked god that it didn't happen to me.
Then came Infosys and even the so called 'BAD GUYS' were fighting for a place in this company driven by values. They took 71 guys. Companies kept pouring in and people kept on getting selected. And people kept on getting rejected as well, falling and then rising again the next morning, recollecting all their energies and giving it in once again. They reminded me of Neo from The Matrix who keeps on rising even the though the Agents keep hitting him. But these agents from the software companies were not as adamant ,the results brought smiles to many faces and tears to a few, but at the end of the day they brought a new strength to everyone of us. I, at least was wondering what divine spell I was going through. I appeared for three companies and was selected in all three of them. And in my house my mom was wondering how all the three companies have committed the same mistake. I revived some respect in the eyes of my relatives and friends to whom I was good to nothing until I got selected.
The whole process also affected the economy ,And all of a sudden the shops selling sweets near the college ran into some profit. People at Gurukripa though incurred some loss because now it seemed mediocre to go there. the economic consequences were so grave that everyday I had the wallet full of money in the morning and the next day I had to borrow some more money.
The biggest joke hidden in all this fuss was that every single fella was craving for a purely technical job! God help me! How can farzi engineers like us drool over technicalities!
Anyways it has now got over and as per lines from Enrique's song
"It's hard to just forget the past to pass
It was good, it was bad, but it was real
And that's all you get in the end of the matter
Anyways if I had one occasion to pick from this one month ,that I'll always remember then it will be the moment my friends ,who were not selected in wipro ,hugged me on me getting selected .That moment was one when I realized what friendship is all about and how lucky I am to have that with me!
If u like the whole thing ,do scrap me!

Saurabh Ektare
III yr. B.E.,



Jun 24, 2007

Deloitte (24/6/2007)

Hey Congratulations buddies!!
  1. Ankit Goyal
  2. Shikhi Jain - A great company to start a career.

Convergys (23/6/2007)

Congratulations !!!
  1. Kanchan Hirlekar

With all the best wishes for forthcoming career.

Jun 23, 2007

Jun 18, 2007

Persistent Systems 18/06/2007

Congratulations !!
  1. Shailendra Singh Rajput
  2. Shani Kumar Bhatt
IT ...keep rocking!!

Jun 17, 2007

Patni 15/06/2007

Patni Crackers -
  1. Shagufta Qureshi
  2. Shani Kumar Bhatt
congratulations buddies !! 

Jun 15, 2007

Atos Origin 14/06/2007


Atos winners are :
  1. Abhishek Sharma (senior)
  2. Devendra Singh Narwariya
IT rocks!!!

Amdocs 13/06/2007

Hey Congrats...

Amdocs crackers are here : -
  1. Saurabh Ektare
  2. Shikhi Jain
  3. Anant Vyas
  4. Kshitij Goyal
  5. Ankur Agrawal
  6. Vipul Ostwal
  7. Koushal Singh Solanki

All the best for future!!

Infobeans 12/06/2007

Congrats !!

infobeans cracked by 
  1. Devendra Narwariya
  2. Om Prakash Bhargava

Jun 11, 2007

Infosys 4th June 07

Congrats to all students of IT who are placed in one or the other good companies.Here is the list of students who were selected in Infosys...
  1. Akshat Saxena
  2. Robin Singh Rajput
  3. Agraj Nema
  4. Ankit Goyal
  5. Bhanu Prakash Jain
  6. Greva Arora
  7. Keshav Kekre
  8. Kanchan Yadav
  9. Jaya Bhudoliya
  10. Mayur Jadhav
  11. Nitin Karma
  12. Abhishek Sharma (Senior)
  13. Ravi Mahajan
  14. Kshitij Goyal

IT keep rocking!!!!!

Jun 9, 2007


Congrats Buddies....

Many from IT got selected in Infosys, Accenture, CSC, Impetus. We heartly congrats to all of them and wish all the best for upcoming challenging career.


Impetus (7th Jun 2007)
  1. Preeti Patidar
  2. Mayur Jadhav
  3. Nilesh Mandloi

CSC ( 6th Jun 2007)

  1. Ritika Khandelwal
  2. Rahul Gupta
  3. Vivek Mishra
  4. Ayush Jhawar
  5. Pooja Nawab
  6. Kamal Kankarwal
  7. Ashish Chaturvedi

Accenture (5th Jun 2007)

  1. Anjul Sahu
  2. Saurabh Ektare
  3. Ritika Khandelwal
  4. Chitra Sangatwani
  5. Zaid Zaheer
  6. Shikhi Jain
  7. Pooja Nawab
  8. Gaurav Khare
  9. Piyush Dawani
  10. Tarun Mehta
  11. Kanchan Yadav
  12. Sunayna Mehto
  13. Mayur Jadhav
  14. Poorvi Shrivastav

Jun 6, 2007

All the participants of campus placements, whether hired or not, must submit their latest data (recent Sem’s %, latest aggregate, latest Total ATKT and latest Live ATKT) using the Data Update Form to the TPO by 5 PM of 7/6/07. DO NOT SEND BY EMAIL.

All the participants of campus placements, whether hired or not, must submit their latest data (recent Sem's %, latest aggregate, latest Total ATKT and latest Live ATKT) using the Data Update Form to the TPO by 5 PM of 7/6/07.

Jun 1, 2007

17 selected in WIPRO from IT

Wiproites :
  1. Anant Vyas
  2. Ankur Agrawal
  3. Koushal Singh Solanki
  4. Jaya Budholia
  5. Madhulika Singh
  6. Shikhi Jain
  7. Poorvi Shrivastava
  8. Mohd. Tahir Khan
  9. Zaid Zaheer
  10. Sharad Jain
  11. Shilpa Bhargava
  12. Neelam Singh
  13. Sweta Pagare
  14. Saurabh Ektare
  15. Tanmay Gupta
  16. Vipul Ostwal
  17. Neelabh Shrivastava

?? Anyone left??

We wish you all the best for your Career.

MBT Postponed

MBT Recruitment postponed....
prepare for next i.e. Infosys on 4th June.
All the best.

May 24, 2007

Fwd: Wrong email ID's

Dear Volunteers:
Emails sent to these people have bouned back (see attached file). Some never gave their email ID.
Your help is requested in obtaining their alternate correct email ID's (for your department), preferably on gmail or rediffmail.
Thank you very much.
-Ajay Garg

Upcoming activites

Upcoming activities:


  1. The TPO would like to meet with all the campus recruitment participants on Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 1:30 PM at the GJ Hall.


  1. SGSITS candidates for campus recruitment are advised to get a copy of the "Information Pack" that is available at the photocopier across SGSITS.


  1. A copy of branch-wise technical interview questions (asked previously) is also available at the same photocopier. Candidates are advised to include the same in their preparation.


  1. Wipro Technologies will recruit SGSITS students at SGSITS on 31-5-07.


Co Name

Wipro Technologies


No criteria on marks


No criteria on marks

Current Aggregate


ME MTech Allowed?


UG Aggr for PG Student


ZeroLiveATKT Criteria

No such criteria


All Engineering degrees

Batches Permitted

June2008Dec2007 Dec2008


to be revised to 2.75 to 3.25 lacs/yr for ME/MCA. ME salaries are currently being revised.


The written test will be at 7:00 AM on 31-5-07.


PPT will be after the WT.


Casually dressed candidates will not be permitted to participate in any of the placement activities.


All candidates MUST bring photographic proof of identity at all recruitment events.


  1. Upcoming recruitments:

The tentative information is as follows:














Current Aggragate




ME MTech Allowed?




UG Aggr for PG Student




ZeroLiveATKT Criteria

1 backlog allowed.

1 backlog allowed.

Yes (No live backlog allowed)


All except Civil

All. 60% allowed in any ONE criteria. No Dec2007.

MCA and All BE



2008 passouts only. Dec2007 is excluded. Dec2008 may be included.



2.9 BE/MCA, 3.3 ME/MTech


to be revised from 2.51


  1. This message has been sent to the volunteers also for their information.

May 23, 2007

WIRPO on 31 May

Hi Friends,

WIPRO Technologies going to be there on 31.05.2007 in SGSITS for campus recruitment.

Eligibility: Aggr >= 60 %
All streams allowed.

  • Written test in morning at 7 am
  • PPT after written test
  • followed by GD/PI.

Salary: Rs 2.7 lacs +

Sources- As per the Notice on Training & Placement Cell.

विप्रो की अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखें ।

May 19, 2007

From May 31, 2007, to June 30, 2007, we expect many recruiters on campus. You are advised to take a judicious decision about...

Dear SGSITS Student:


As you may be aware, the placements of the following SGSITS batches are expected to begin on May 31, 2007, at SGSITS:

1.       Winter 2007 passout (passing out around October to December, 2007)

2.       Summer 2008 passout (passing out around June to August, 2008)

3.       Winter 2008 passout (passing out around October to December, 2008)


From May 31, 2007, to June 30, 2007, we expect many recruiters on campus.


In the past, many students did not fully participate in such campus placements – some simply stayed home, while others chose to attend family functions rather than getting placed. Many of the participants seemed poorly prepared.


You are advised to take a judicious decision about your participating in such opportunities, as per you eligibility, and with the fullest preparation, so as to maximize your career.


With best wishes,
Ajay Garg

May 17, 2007

Training for Campus Recruitment Suspended

From a batch of 800 students, there were only 30 people at the campus training yesterday and only 10-20 people today. These sessions were being conducted by some of the best trainers of Madhya Pradesh. Based on this, it is clear that the trainings, provided in consultation with the students of your batch, are no longer considered useful by the student community at large. With due regard to this, all further programs on campus to prepare your batch for campus recruitments stand terminated. The campus recruitments are expected to begin on May 30 or May 31, 2007. Best wishes for your preparations. -Ajay Garg

Correction in timing, 12:15 PM (not 2:15 PM)

May 17, 2007, 12:15 PM (CH)

(a)     Live GD on stage, with video recording and analysis, with multiple GD sessions


May 18, 2007, 12:15 PM (CH)

(b)    Live Interviews on stage, with video recording and analysis

May 15, 2007

Activities for May 16, 17, 18

May 16, 2007, 12:15 PM: (PT)

(a)     Resume writing workshop. You are encouraged to bring your resume with you, but that is not a pre-requisite to attend.

(b)    Practical tips for dress and grooming, from a successful professional lady. There will be a special session for the female candidates exclusively.
(c) A dress Q-A session for males may also be held if they want.


May 17, 2007, 2:15 PM (CH)

(a)     Live GD on stage, with video recording and analysis, with multiple GD sessions


May 18, 2007, 2:15 PM (CH)

(b)    Live Interviews on stage, with video recording and analysis


If you wish to use the Saturday (19 May) or Sunday (20 May) for mock tests, mock interviews etc, then you should discuss this with the TPO on 16/5/07 at 12:00 noon.

May 9, 2007

Fwd: I and your team look forward to seeing you for these exciting and developmental activites:

Dear Students of SGSITS:

I and your team look forward to seeing you for these exciting and developmental activites: 


10 May, 2007


            Seminars on Attitude and Approach towards campus recruitment- by Mr Sandeep Atre



            Aptitude test and Analysis of test, by Mr Sandeep Atre and his team


11 May, 2007


            Aptitude Preparation by Mr Sandeep Atre and his team


12 May, 2007


            Seminars on GD & PI by Mr Sandeep Atre

May 7, 2007

Fwd: You are invited for a seminar by Mr. Vishwas Vaishnav at SGSITS GJ Hall on May 08, 2007, at 12:15 PM.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: May 7, 2007 12:29 PM
Subject: You are invited for a seminar by Mr. Vishwas Vaishnav at SGSITS GJ Hall on May 08, 2007, at 12:15 PM.

Dear SGSITS student:
You are invited for a seminar by Mr. Vishwas Vaishnav at SGSITS GJ Hall on May 08, 2007, at 12:15 PM.
-Ajay Garg
" Management Guru Shri Vishvas Vaishnav "
Management Guru Shri Vishvas Vaishnav    is a famous celebrity of M.P. and from last 22 yrs he is attached with educational activities. He is the Director of MARS ACADEMY, Indore . It is a renowned Institute of M.P. and Chattisgarh.
 He made a unique record of continue 12 hrs lecture On Bhaskar TV news channel on different topic, which had live telecast for the public of Indore. After this program he famous by the name of " Management Guru "by Indorians.
On public demand again he has given continue lecture on 2nd  Oct-06.This time he broke down his own record by giving speech of 14 hrs which was again live telecast on Bhaskar TV for the public.
He has delivered more then 700 speeches & conducting Work-shop & Seminars on different topics such as :-
  1. Time Management
  2. Personality Development
  3. Stress Management
  4. How to Improve Presentation Skill
  5. Office Automation
  6. Motivation
7.       Positive Thinking
  1. Parents Education
  2. Eye Language
10. Stability with Job
11. Human Relation
12. Communication Skill
13. Coordinating with
14. How to improve in life
15. Business Management
16. Body Language
17. Husband-Wife Relation & Stress
18. HRM
19. Life & Spirituality
20. Decision Making
21. Target achieving/goal setting & achieving.               
He has trained many marketing teams of Dainik Bhaskar and Dainik Jagran Newspaper too in Indore, Ujjain and Dewas (Districts).
He has been specially invited in Jabalpur for the Lecture on Stress Management in Shahid Smarak Bhavan by UNI and also invited by All India Digamber Jain Social Group for the lecture on Human Relation in Bhind.  He has delivered the lecture to more then 5000 students in career fair which was organized by Dainik Bhaskar, Bhopal . It was a great success, students rushed towards him & he was provided with the police protection. He was specially invited by District Police of Indore for them & there families for Stress Management & Human Relation.
     Apart from the lecture he is running his own Institute " Mars Academy " which is active in the field of Personality Development, English language & Interview training.
He has been invited for  many such programmes for time-to-    time at Banks like State Bank of Indore, Union Bank of India , Social groups like Lions Club-Allepi (Keral), Indore ,Industries like Ritspin Synthetic Ltd., Pithampur  , National Agro India Ltd. Collages & Professional Institute like Gujarati Girls Collage , Daswani Institute (Kota), Collage of Study Institute and Management , Indore , etc .

Anjul Sahu
Information Tech. UnderGraduate

May 5, 2007


This to invite all students of SGSITS, who are tentative passouts of June 2008, December 2007 or December 2008, for a discussion with the TPO to plan the upcoming training activities for campus recruitment and to discuss policy for campus recruitment..

Date: 6-5-07 (Sunday)

Time: 12:30 PM

Location: GJ Hall
-Ajay Garg

May 1, 2007

The training (via T&P cell) for you campus recruitment is scheduled to begin on 06 May, 2007, at SGSITS

Dear SGSITS Student:

The training (via T&P cell) for you campus recruitment is scheduled to begin on 06 May, 2007, at SGSITS. This date has been set in consultation with many students, who have indicated that they are going home now and will return on 05 May.

If you plan to return to Indore/SGSITS by 05 May, please send a reply at this email address:

Many of the recruiters, who have traditionally come to SGSITS during July to March, are also scheduled to come to SGSITS in June 2007. Hence, the number of recruiters coming to SGSITS in June 2006 is expected to bigger than ever before. This also means that the number of recruiters could be very small after June 2007.

You will get a lot of opportunities to "enjoy" later on, but the recruitment opportunities of this June at SGSITS will perhaps never cross your path again.

Underutilizing the month of May 2007 could the biggest mistakes of your career. Hence, you must make every effort NOW to work extremely hard and prepare extremely well so that derive the best benefit in June 2007.

Aaj nahin to kab?

With best wishes for your successful career,

-Ajay Garg

Apr 28, 2007

Amdocs - Important Report from Akshat Saxena

Organization Profile

About the Author of this communiqué

My name is Akshat Saxena, from IT 3rd year (June 2008 passout), SGSITS. I had spent a full day at Amdocs on 12/3/07, and the following is based on what I learnt there.

About Amdocs

For service providers, Amdocs is a leading industry expert and a trusted advisor that enables and accelerates the journey to integrated customer management and the delivery of an intentional customer experience.

enable the world’s leading services companies to build stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

History :
Amdocs was founded in 1982 as a Yellow Page printing company and since then it has grown rapidly. Even its development centre in India has grown within three years of its establishment to 2500 employees serving clients from all over the world.

Amdocs started its IPO in 1998 and stepped into the outsourcing world in the very next year. Again in the year 2000, it started the IP billing and started acquisitions from next year to increase its strength and working domain. In the last five years it has acquired major companies like Clarify (from Norton), Xchange , Carten, XACCT, DST, Q-POD, Cramer and Sigvalue which help amdocs became an undisputed leader in the Telecommunication service software domain.

Amdocs holds the #1 position in billing and CRM products and services to communication service providers. It is a leading provider of CRM to Financial services, high technology and manufacturing companies etc.


In the fiscal year 2006, amdocs generated a revenue of $ 2.48 Billion which is 22% up from previous year.

R&D Investments:

Approximately $ 160 Million in fiscal year 2006.

Amdocs have clients across 50 countries of the world including giants like Sprint , AT & T, Bell, SigTel, Seimens, BEA, Vodafone etc serving around 500,000,000 end customers and having more than 16000 employees worldwide. They focus on large revenue customers.

A social responsibility club for the education of orphans and their betterment

Goal: To become #1 provider of Integrated Customer Services

CEO : Mr. Dov Baharov

What Amdocs offers :

· Internal Job Posting: Internal reassignment opportunity to any amdocs location worldwide after completion of 18 months of service, based on job openings within the company.
· Project Specific overseas training
· Opportunity to work with clients across the globe
· Six week induction program
· Open door policy
· Public recognition
· Amdocs club for recreation of employees
· An excellent Gym

· For 2007 passouts, Gross salary of INR 360,000 per annum (may be revised for 2008 joinees)
· Variable bonus given each January
· Other rewards and bonus based on performance
· One time settling allowance of INR 20,000 (for Non-Pune candidates)
· Settling loan of INR 40,000 (for Non-Pune candidates)
· 15 days of Hotel stay in Pune (for Non-Pune candidates)
· Reimbursement of travel expenses to Pune in actuals
Additional benefits
§ Medical insurance for self, spouse, children ( worth 2 Lac)
§ Life insurance, personal accident insurance for employees
§ Subsidized lunch
§ Free morning evening snacks
§ Free transportation
§ Amdocs club( Gym, Pool, Trekking, Music, Sports)
· Emphasis on Training
· Well defined career paths and performance appraisal
· Cross cultural exposure
· Competitive Compensation Package
· No Bonds

Salary Structure ( Break Up)
§ Basic Salary INR 144,000
§ HRA INR 72,000
§ Special Allowance INR 84,101
§ Conveyance Allowance INR 9,600
§ Leave Travel allowance INR 12,000
§ Medical Reimbursement INR 15,000
§ PF INR 17,280
§ Gratuity ( 4.18 % of Basic) INR 6,019
Total INR 360,000

What Amdocs expects from Candidates

Strong proficiency in the following areas:
· Excellent Communication Skills
· Oracle/SQL : Amdocs is a leader in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Billing sector and thus expects individuals to have command over database concepts and SQL
· Unix : Amdocs expects us to have good understanding and working knowledge of Unix/Linux OS along with shell commands etc. Concepts are important rather than mere Shell programming.
· Pseudo Codes: A person must know how to solve a problem written in some English sentences and vice versa rather than having a technical problem definition.
· C : Every software expert is required to have knowledge about C with pointers, functions etc.
· Knowledge of Java will be of an advantage.
· Application : Amdocs wants that people must be thorough with their concepts and must also know how to apply those concepts to problem solving.
· Eligibility: MCA, UG/PG of Comp/IT/E&TC With 60% aggr and no pending backlogs. (Whether E&I will be included – this is not yet confirmed).

My own (Akshat Saxena’s) opinion:

Friends , merely appearing for a company is no good if you appear for the sake of appearing. You must prove your potential which will help you to succeed in your coming years and for that some effort on your part is desired. So, start is important and I think it’s a high time to start your preparations. So friends, please make an early start to get a decent reward and most important be true to yourself.

The 80/20 Rule about Telecom Industry:

About 20% of the jobs are in core telecom technology whereas 80% of the jobs are in services for the telecom technology users. (Amdocs focuses on this 80% slice.)

The Amdocs facility at Magarpatta City (Pune) is excellent. Per person, they have 14 sq ft of cubicle space, which is 40% more than the legal requirement is of 10 sq.ft. per person. That is like flying Business Class (vs. Economy Class). (These data are not official figure, but are based on some candid conversations)

Feb 24, 2007

The Placement Process Started

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