Feb 24, 2007

The Placement Process Started

Right Information at the Right Time...
This is what we need at the crucial time of campus.

we've selected 4 representatives who will inform other students about workshops, seminars, campus updates as told by Mr. Ajay Garg.
  1. Anjul Sahu ( anjulsahu@gmail.com) - 94253 46086
  2. Om Prakash Bhargava (cool.om.engg@gmail.com) - 98275 32081
  3. Ritika Khandelwal (ritikakh@gmail.com) - 98263 74360
  4. Akshat Saxena (akshatsaxena11@gmail.com) - 94250 57689
Please save this cell no.s in your address book.

We will try to inform you in any case but if we failed to tell individual, its the duty of that fellow to make himself/herself aware of the whole process.
If you got any miss call or call from the above numbers then please do contact us immediately for any information regarding campus.

This blog is dedicated to this process, it will contain the regular updates. So please check this regularly, what I personally suggest If your browser supports RSS feeds, then subscribe to Campus-Update RSS feeds.

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all updates will be posted on this blog, so stay tuned...

please send your contact information to any email above as soon as possible so that we can catch you easily at the right time.