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Jul 5, 2007


Zero Days Over!!

One month of difference as I call it. We guys at the college have undergone a weird and should I call it an 'amazing' one month of campus recruitment with companies pouring into the college from all directions to grab the students with both hands. The whole one month stint known as "Zero day" in our institute was one mind-boggling learning experience to say the least. People who have been hired and those who haven't  been ,have all experienced life with a totally different perspective. In this piece of text I am presenting my crazy outlook of how crazy things have been in this one crazy month.
One Month of Difference
The clandestine sixth semester exams had already made a mockery of us. We, future engineers, had faced a cruel reality. You can give it your all in the exams but it may or may not matter. The universal answer "it depends!" will always answer all your questions to life. The same thing happened yet again! The examination papers forced us to review our syllabus every time we went home after the exams, puzzled and infuriated. But , the time ahead was even more demanding .All of us had to prepare for the battle that lay ahead.
The sole purpose most of us were doing engineering was what was ahead of us, this holy ritual is called "CAMPUS RECRUITMENT". One month lay ahead of us to recollect all our ammunitions [if we had any] or temperorily arrange for some[that's my case ;)] and to go in and give it the best shot. I am reminded of Eminem who says
"You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo,"
And the music had begun. The first fifteen days, We worked really hard at it. We watched English movies to improve our English and then Hindi movies to relax. The geeks left the geeky things and started to mug up programs and the muggers ,well they continued what they were best at, mugging! As far as I am concerned, I was playing the role of a domestic animal in my cousin's impending ring ceremony. My friends ,well they were making me and others like me scared coz every time I talked to them they kept telling me that another technical subject had been revised.
As they say "time flies when you are having rum!".
On 15th of May I analyzed my position and found myself really under the gun. This whole under the gun scenario was not new to me. In fact it struck me with a feeling of dejavu and I experienced a rare flashback. When I was preparing for my entrance exam for college the whole thing was pretty similar and in fact at that time also I had suffered some indigestion. :) .This not so nice thought of indigestion made me bounce back to the present and I did call the shots finally on no one but my-lazy-self.
The next fortnight went long and hard. Unlike the last fortnight there were no 'supposedly motivating' lectures from the TPO , nor were any of us watching any movies[This is an assumption ;)] The man who achieved a lot of fame during these days was Mr. Yashwant Kanetkar. Out of nowhere he came and the very next moment everyone was enquiring others how much of his text had been gulped. Even orkut had changed a bit .now people used to ask "kitna hua?" instead of  "kya chal raha hai?".not that any of these make sense anyways.
Being an ITian I was supposed to complete at least   "THE data structures" apart from 'C'. And as always I failed to do DS ,I tried hard though, even in dreams I found myself falling from the tree  onto a stack of thorny books. 'pushing' my brains into data structures I always found myself forcefully 'popped' out! Finally I made a tough call,I decided to do other subjects instead.
The day had come ,the month of difference had started and to get the weirdness going ,it started on 31st of may!
Wipro people came in for the ppt and the HR said good morning, the crowd cried aloud as a reply as if everybody wanted to wish him from the bottom of their hearts. The HR was seeming to me like some bouncer of some bar [acc. To what I have seen in movies] He was like a genie who was going to make our wish come true. A hundred and six people got through and were able to rub the lamp successfully. Luckily I was among them as well. The call was made past midnight and all of us went haywire.
The sixth semester results came the same day. As I said earlier "IT DEPENDS".In engineering , time and again you have to remind yourself that u r not the one to call the shots. The results came like a high tide and washed all the hopes that  some of us had carved out in sands  by working hard for a month. And the craziest part is that we'll never know who has done the damage to out goddam careers. I felt really sorry for all those friends of mine who got an atkt in the most important semester of our engineering and thanked god that it didn't happen to me.
Then came Infosys and even the so called 'BAD GUYS' were fighting for a place in this company driven by values. They took 71 guys. Companies kept pouring in and people kept on getting selected. And people kept on getting rejected as well, falling and then rising again the next morning, recollecting all their energies and giving it in once again. They reminded me of Neo from The Matrix who keeps on rising even the though the Agents keep hitting him. But these agents from the software companies were not as adamant ,the results brought smiles to many faces and tears to a few, but at the end of the day they brought a new strength to everyone of us. I, at least was wondering what divine spell I was going through. I appeared for three companies and was selected in all three of them. And in my house my mom was wondering how all the three companies have committed the same mistake. I revived some respect in the eyes of my relatives and friends to whom I was good to nothing until I got selected.
The whole process also affected the economy ,And all of a sudden the shops selling sweets near the college ran into some profit. People at Gurukripa though incurred some loss because now it seemed mediocre to go there. the economic consequences were so grave that everyday I had the wallet full of money in the morning and the next day I had to borrow some more money.
The biggest joke hidden in all this fuss was that every single fella was craving for a purely technical job! God help me! How can farzi engineers like us drool over technicalities!
Anyways it has now got over and as per lines from Enrique's song
"It's hard to just forget the past to pass
It was good, it was bad, but it was real
And that's all you get in the end of the matter
Anyways if I had one occasion to pick from this one month ,that I'll always remember then it will be the moment my friends ,who were not selected in wipro ,hugged me on me getting selected .That moment was one when I realized what friendship is all about and how lucky I am to have that with me!
If u like the whole thing ,do scrap me!

Saurabh Ektare
III yr. B.E.,