Dec 29, 2007

A New Way Of Remote Computing

click to enlarge the image. preview of the virtual environment is a online virtual computing environment running on linux based kernel but GUI and all is just like a modern vista aero interface. It is an implementation of a white paper on Virtual Computing New Era. Ghost offers a remote computing environment using any flash enabled browser from anywhere in the world at any time. Few features that are noticable is that It is cross plateform and has endless possibilities, even you can surf web using its own IP and proxies.

It is a complete Virtual Computer, Web OS and Online storage. It is secured and amazon certified. Using Ghost, you can virtually do -

  • Manage your files, apps etc

  • Storage upto 3 GB for your data and 3 GB for emails.

  • Integrated Email service , a POP3 capable client

  • Integrated IM service

  • Way to explore various online services which are woven within it like flickr, zoho,, google and lots there waiting for you

  • Has a ftp support @ ftp:\\

you might be thinking that with so many things and also that on a web based plateform might be heavy and suck your bandwidth but I found it Light weighted, loads really fast and eventually feel the user that it's all local.

You can virtually do anything that you might be thinking on your personal desktop. Can change wallpapers, themes and has a nice control panel.

If you dont want to compute virtually, you can use it as a storage device... and I hope it might open blocked sites in proxied environment. what you say? I haven't tried this but It's an intitution, Please have a try.

It's one of its kind.... A unique idea that is in alpha version right now.

Dec 25, 2007

What's next after Orkut

Hi folks,

Once when search queries on Google reached 10,000 per second in 2001, Oxford had to include google as a verb in their prestigious dictionary. It's now the time to include Orkut, because the whole world is orkutting but I think there is a limit to that also. Don't you think, you're bored of it and decreasing your online time on Orkut.

The recent trends according to mobile communities are attracting Indians like webaaroo's (our group is already present here). But what about Facebook which recently attracted Microsoft and pressurized Bill Gates to invest in it. Bill invested on 1.2% stake in Facebook this year. Now what's new in Facebook which is not in Orkut.

First, Facebook is already popular social network in US and not in India. Secondly, it is web 2.0 web application and it really uses 100% power of Web 2.0. It therefore allow you to add numerous applications created by different vendors you may or may not trust on. Third, FB is a buzz word for year 2007.

Orkuts Sandbox and Google's Monopoly

Orkut is also trying to add the concept of third party web applications in it's sandbox version. Currently, It is in baby stage and not everyone is allowed to use it. The new & very much required OpenSocial from Google which isn't GoogleSocial is the API created for developers which allows you to create apps for this social world. Though, Google always try to hide himself from the Monopoly Mirror but This mirror is getting transparent And you can judge yourself that the whole world is One that's Google One world. From search engine to email and now Mobiles too ( don't you heard of Google's new initiative ANDROID. Android is a new operating system for mobiles and its vision is to low down the Smart phone price by 400 % expected to hit markets in March 2008.). Google is becoming a life partner which supports us at every moment of life. It is the life-line of our life. Its brand name covers other useful services underneath.

Google is an Illusion!!

Think again!!

Web is getting easy and bulky.

we're currently facing web 2.0 and 3G which is already a newer technology for us but you should know Web 3.0 and 3.5G which is next? Officially released version of web is 2.1 currently and 3.0 is in labs of and :)

Easy the web would be, tougher it's management would be.

Day by day the number of web applications are appending in this already huge list. Our average time spend on each site is becoming is lesser and we're wasting our quality time in roaming from one network to another instead of finding right services.

There is a need for a solution for this.

Merry Christmas!!

Dec 14, 2007

Google Zeitgeist 2007

Google Zeitgeist 2007

The most awaited list of the year is out now by Google.

As we're bidding adieu to year 2007, what was the question that mingles someone's mind in the year, who is who? who is God? and so on....

The products and services which rages others in the cyberspace....topped by iphone, followed by facebook. New virtual world "second-life" is able to come under top 10 as well. To visit the highest Raising and falling, go through Google's Zeitgeist - the spirit of times. read more...

Dec 13, 2007

Career 100

RiseSmart, a subscription based site has compiled a list of the top 100 career related blogs. It is very special in terms of the popularity through out the globe. It's gamut starts from IT to HR, Entrepreneurship to Public sector, almost covering every aspect and corner of career for all the guys whether young or experienced. Have a look!!

Dec 7, 2007

Non-Verbal Behavior and Its Interpretation

(click to enlarge)
Art of soft communication
picture courtesy: CampusConnect, Infosys

Dec 6, 2007

Gmail Now Includes Pop-Up Keyboard Shortcut Guide [Keyboard Shortcuts]

If you've got keyboard shortcuts enabled in Gmail (turn 'em on in the Settings), you can now hit the question mark (?) to see an in-Gmail quick reference to what keys do what. The new addition to Gmail's interface looks wildly similar to the Greasemonkey Gmail Macros reference pop-up, transparency and all. What's great about this is that you can look up a shortcut easily; what sucks is that it overrides the Macros help shortcut which comes in Better Gmail 2. (The rest of the Macros work, just not the help pop-up.) There's a Gmail development arms race underway, Greasemonkeyers vs Googlers! Who wins? We all do, eventually. Hit the (?) key in Gmail to check out the shortcuts guide. (And give our favorite Gmail keyboard shortcut a try.) thanks to lifehacker!

Dec 5, 2007

Broadcast SMS to a group [almost free]

Want to gupshup with friends? Use your mobile, create a group on and invite your friends to it. Now you can send sms to all the users through this website.
you don't need to go online to invite your friends. Just follow this simple steps :
  1. Create your group by sending an SMS to 567673434. Example:CREATE mygroup123
  2. Invite friends to your group:INVITE 98200XXXXX 99203XXXXX
  3. Send group messages to 567673434. Example:Hi, welcome to IT::SGSITS.

itsgsits is a group already created. You just need subsribe to it. Now talking on how much to pay for it. They say, its free but really not. For every sms to 567673434, a normal message rate applied according to your operator. So cost of broadcasting of one message to a group will surely less than One Re.

Integration with gtalk: add to your buddy list and directly broadcast without a mobile... :D. Hey this is really cool for people like me.