Dec 5, 2007

Broadcast SMS to a group [almost free]

Want to gupshup with friends? Use your mobile, create a group on and invite your friends to it. Now you can send sms to all the users through this website.
you don't need to go online to invite your friends. Just follow this simple steps :
  1. Create your group by sending an SMS to 567673434. Example:CREATE mygroup123
  2. Invite friends to your group:INVITE 98200XXXXX 99203XXXXX
  3. Send group messages to 567673434. Example:Hi, welcome to IT::SGSITS.

itsgsits is a group already created. You just need subsribe to it. Now talking on how much to pay for it. They say, its free but really not. For every sms to 567673434, a normal message rate applied according to your operator. So cost of broadcasting of one message to a group will surely less than One Re.

Integration with gtalk: add to your buddy list and directly broadcast without a mobile... :D. Hey this is really cool for people like me.

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