Dec 29, 2007

A New Way Of Remote Computing

click to enlarge the image. preview of the virtual environment is a online virtual computing environment running on linux based kernel but GUI and all is just like a modern vista aero interface. It is an implementation of a white paper on Virtual Computing New Era. Ghost offers a remote computing environment using any flash enabled browser from anywhere in the world at any time. Few features that are noticable is that It is cross plateform and has endless possibilities, even you can surf web using its own IP and proxies.

It is a complete Virtual Computer, Web OS and Online storage. It is secured and amazon certified. Using Ghost, you can virtually do -

  • Manage your files, apps etc

  • Storage upto 3 GB for your data and 3 GB for emails.

  • Integrated Email service , a POP3 capable client

  • Integrated IM service

  • Way to explore various online services which are woven within it like flickr, zoho,, google and lots there waiting for you

  • Has a ftp support @ ftp:\\

you might be thinking that with so many things and also that on a web based plateform might be heavy and suck your bandwidth but I found it Light weighted, loads really fast and eventually feel the user that it's all local.

You can virtually do anything that you might be thinking on your personal desktop. Can change wallpapers, themes and has a nice control panel.

If you dont want to compute virtually, you can use it as a storage device... and I hope it might open blocked sites in proxied environment. what you say? I haven't tried this but It's an intitution, Please have a try.

It's one of its kind.... A unique idea that is in alpha version right now.

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