Dec 25, 2007

What's next after Orkut

Hi folks,

Once when search queries on Google reached 10,000 per second in 2001, Oxford had to include google as a verb in their prestigious dictionary. It's now the time to include Orkut, because the whole world is orkutting but I think there is a limit to that also. Don't you think, you're bored of it and decreasing your online time on Orkut.

The recent trends according to mobile communities are attracting Indians like webaaroo's (our group is already present here). But what about Facebook which recently attracted Microsoft and pressurized Bill Gates to invest in it. Bill invested on 1.2% stake in Facebook this year. Now what's new in Facebook which is not in Orkut.

First, Facebook is already popular social network in US and not in India. Secondly, it is web 2.0 web application and it really uses 100% power of Web 2.0. It therefore allow you to add numerous applications created by different vendors you may or may not trust on. Third, FB is a buzz word for year 2007.

Orkuts Sandbox and Google's Monopoly

Orkut is also trying to add the concept of third party web applications in it's sandbox version. Currently, It is in baby stage and not everyone is allowed to use it. The new & very much required OpenSocial from Google which isn't GoogleSocial is the API created for developers which allows you to create apps for this social world. Though, Google always try to hide himself from the Monopoly Mirror but This mirror is getting transparent And you can judge yourself that the whole world is One that's Google One world. From search engine to email and now Mobiles too ( don't you heard of Google's new initiative ANDROID. Android is a new operating system for mobiles and its vision is to low down the Smart phone price by 400 % expected to hit markets in March 2008.). Google is becoming a life partner which supports us at every moment of life. It is the life-line of our life. Its brand name covers other useful services underneath.

Google is an Illusion!!

Think again!!

Web is getting easy and bulky.

we're currently facing web 2.0 and 3G which is already a newer technology for us but you should know Web 3.0 and 3.5G which is next? Officially released version of web is 2.1 currently and 3.0 is in labs of and :)

Easy the web would be, tougher it's management would be.

Day by day the number of web applications are appending in this already huge list. Our average time spend on each site is becoming is lesser and we're wasting our quality time in roaming from one network to another instead of finding right services.

There is a need for a solution for this.

Merry Christmas!!

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