Feb 29, 2008

Google Summer of Code 2008 announced

Google soc
Are you ready for the most challenging and exhilarating coding and designing event of the year? Its the time to gsoc i.e. The Google Summer of Code. With $4500 stipend alongwith the internship with the most respectful opensource organization of the globe (Including Google, Mozilla etc). And furthermore, it may be your next employer. :)
Application procedure starting from 24th March to 31st March 2008.
URL : http://code.google.com/soc/2008
For more information, refer to gsoc 2007.

Feb 27, 2008

She is the One!!!

It’s difficult to actually describe her in words.
As dedicated as a teacher and as independent as birds.
From morning to noon and noon to night
She has taken care of all our fights!!

From the day I was born to the day I will live

She has always followed the philosophy of 'give'.

Never has she desired anything other than joy

Even those...wholeheartedly were for her daughter and boy.

She has always wanted everything for the self last and least
Her all prayers were centered on protecting us from the worldly beast.

All our sorrows always evaporated and we dint know where
We even din get to know that they were deposited in her share.

We were her stars, we were her life
She even considered motherhood above 'The Wife'.

To see a smile on whose faces she worked day n night

Balancing the spectacles...even on the week eye side.

When I studied in the night, I wasn’t alone ever

There was always that hand that guiding me forever.

Happy for my success and sad when I failed

She never showed her tears to me but alone she wailed.

The woman who requires a special mention of praise

Those silent eyes, peaceful mind and loving gaze

This is to the woman I love admire n respect

Whose dedication even the almighty can’t suspect

To the world she may be just another

But to me she is the one I call MY MOTHER!!!

Seminars Compilation

Please upload your Seminars delivered in Priyanka mam's and link it here in comments.
M'am will take comprehensive viva on all the seminars presented.

Few file sharing services you can use are -

PS: Please give priviledges to download

Hoping for the response as we will than have a compiled collection for the viva.

Feb 24, 2008

Palkein Meri, Dagaa De Jaati Hain...!!!

Nazrein teri jab dekhein mujhe, palkein meri jhuk jaati hain,
Her pal tujhe dekhne ki tamanna, dil he mein reh jaati hai,
Yeh palkein bhi, dagaa de jaati hain...

Jab bhi teri baat chhide, sakhiyaan mujhe chidhaati hain,
Chehre per halki muskaan, aur palkein sherm-saar ho jaati hain,
Yeh palkein bhi, dagaa de jaati hain...

Jab bhi teri awaaz sunu, dhadkane badh jaati hain,
Palkein meri uthker tujhe, dekhne se katraati hain,
Yeh palkein bhi, dagaa de jaati hain...

Jab bhi auron ki tareef, tere labon per aati hai,
Dil mein koi dard utha, aankhein yahi batlaati hain,
Yeh palkein bhi, dagaa de jaati hain...

Jab shyam dhale aur deed ko tere, meri nazrein paana chahti hain,
Bina neend aankhon mein liye, palkein band ho jaati hain,
Yeh palkein bhi, dagaa de jaati hain...

Jab bhi tera rukh karun, ke aaj suna doon dil ki baat,
Nakaam koshish per meri, palkein nami chalkaati hain,
Yeh palkein bhi, dagaa de jaati hain...

Jab bhi aisa hota hai her baat khatm ho jaati hai,
Agle din phir deed per tere, ek aas nahi bandh jaati hai,
Yeh palkein bhi, dagaa de jaati hain...

Phir palkon mein khwabon ki, baraat nayi saj jaati hai,
Phir tujhe apna banane ki ummeed hamein mil jaati hai,
Yeh palkein bhi, dagaa de jaati hain...
Yeh palkein bhi, dagaa de jaati hain...

Feb 23, 2008

Portable WAMP Stack

How to make a web application run on a portable flash drive with complete database and scripting support? check it out. read more...

Feb 14, 2008

Valentines Day

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Feb 12, 2008

आजकल - A Poem

aajkal... kisi se nazrein milane se derta hai dil,
kahin tujhe meri aankhon mein pehchaan na le koi...

aajkal... kisi ko pukarne se derta hai dil,
kahin tera naam, jaan na le koi...

aajkal... mehfilon mein shareekh hote nahi hain hum,
tere deed per meri khushi, bhaanp na le koi...

aajkal... her kisi ki tammanayen suna kerte hain hum,
kahin khuda se tujhe, maang na le koi...

aajkal... yeh hawayein bhi meri zulfein nahi bikhrati,
kahin tujhse pehle inhein, sanwaar na de koi...

aajkal... meri nazron ka tujhe dhundhna gar dekh le koi,
kaise mujhe deewani, maan na le koi...

haan aajkal... bas yuhin aajkal...
na jaane kyun, kuch he dino se, aajkal...

deed: deedar
bhaanp: pehchaan
gar: agar, yadi