Mar 20, 2008

RISK of Recession in US/Global Economies, going to Hit India

This is the inference of my chat with Mr G who is working in IBM and right now working in US for a client.

G: What's your joining date and location?
me: hmmm...I don't have any information regarding it.
G: There is too much recession in US economy.
me: so what? will it affect my joining? or anything else.
G: Yeah!! Joining will get delayed.
G: And you need to work for more days in a week...may be 6 or 7.
me: Ohh!! :(

So the bad thing about this is that, we will be getting late joining and need to work more per week due to such recession in economies. Last such decline was observed in year 2002 and the current scenario is very much similar to 2002's situation. Just hope that our companies survive to such crappy thing.

if US sneezes, Asia will get cold.

What you think? what if India get Cold?? If companies like Infy & Accy which are mostly based on US Clients, suffered from this flu? Comments...

Last Official Day of College.

This song is dedicated to all my friends of IT. It's fun to be in IT with you guys.


Mar 15, 2008

Heroes of GATE 2008

IT 3rd Year
  • Anshuman Gupta - AIR 3
  • Ankur Agrawal - AIR 38
  • Shailendra Singh Chauhan - AIR 134
  • Amit Mendiratta - AIR 140
  • Akshay Ahuja - AIR 160
  • Manish Gupta - AIR 271
  • Yogesh Rane - AIR 330
IT Final Year
  • Akshat Saxena - AIR 13
  • Nilesh Kumar Mandloi - AIR 26
  • Mayur Jadhav - AIR 172
  • Keshav Kekre - AIR 264
  • Shailendra Singh Rajput - AIR 842
Congratulations !!!

Firewall 2008

I'm thankful to all the juniors and my fundoo-friends of IT final year for making this Evening, the most memorable day of my life. Everything was very special, "the phate songs" and "achche wale songs" in the Bus Journey to Jal, the Dhols, Crackers, that special "deloitte bag" ;) , and overall masti & dhamaal at bhaijaan, in front of IT dept. Superb eve with you guys...
You(ITians) made it a very special day!!
बातें भूल जाती है ..
यादें याद आती है ...

P.S. - Please share all the pics you clicked.

Mar 11, 2008

Adieu 2008

Finally our batch is getting a farewell party. My humble request to all batchmates to make this a memorable event. I am also thankful to our juniors for their initiative. Now its our duty to stand together! Hoping for a favourable response from all....

Mar 10, 2008


Meri Khwahish hai...

Teri nazrein jab dhundhe kisiko,
mujh per aaker theher jaayein..

Yahi khwahish hai..


Mar 9, 2008

Web 2.0 Song

Very lovely song addressing the journey of our lives as a developer and our relation with web 2.0 startups...

Mar 7, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Launched : Quick Review

IE8 Today, Microsoft launched the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 for the web designers and developers.

They tried to become social with "Activities" - Activities are contextual services that provide quick access to external services from any web page like bookmarking on social networks, look up services, sharing, translations etc. (Our mozilla browsers already provides such features with enormous addons, Microsoft is late again as usual).

Another feature they are talking of is webslices, It is very much similar to RSS and they figure out one more technology name as a feature instead of famous RSS feeds. ;)

Choice of Layout Engine
This is one good feature which is very much required to make the web compatible with IE legacy. For example, I am creating a website according to standard of IE7 and now someone browse with older version of Internet Explorer, then there is a possibility that my website will not work properly. To provide backward compatibility, they introduced the choice of layout engine. ( Nice Step!!)

Cascading StyleSheet 2.1 compliant
Now same rendering of pages as in Mozilla or in other browsers... No more programming for tricking IE browser

More Performance and more security - It was expected by default. Nothing New.

Phishing get a new name - "Domain Highlighting".... Now address bar gets highlighted, If phishing occurs.

So one must update with the latest IE8, if they still use Internet Explorer. But before taking this step, please check the requirement. Because, anything possible with Microsoft as it was in the case of Vista. [ I am still waiting for the Vista SP1 release for Individuals, its almost 1.5 yrs of launch :(]

Mar 2, 2008

Adobe AIR: Seamless Integration of Web with Desktop

Adobe AIR runtime is released by Adobe Labs few days ago. It is cross platform for running rich Internet applications for the next generation web. Actually, It is erasing the division between web and desktop. The Adobe® AIR™ runtime enables you to have your favorite web
applications with you all the time. Since applications built for Adobe AIR run on your desktop computer without a web browser, they provide...(more)