Mar 7, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Launched : Quick Review

IE8 Today, Microsoft launched the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 for the web designers and developers.

They tried to become social with "Activities" - Activities are contextual services that provide quick access to external services from any web page like bookmarking on social networks, look up services, sharing, translations etc. (Our mozilla browsers already provides such features with enormous addons, Microsoft is late again as usual).

Another feature they are talking of is webslices, It is very much similar to RSS and they figure out one more technology name as a feature instead of famous RSS feeds. ;)

Choice of Layout Engine
This is one good feature which is very much required to make the web compatible with IE legacy. For example, I am creating a website according to standard of IE7 and now someone browse with older version of Internet Explorer, then there is a possibility that my website will not work properly. To provide backward compatibility, they introduced the choice of layout engine. ( Nice Step!!)

Cascading StyleSheet 2.1 compliant
Now same rendering of pages as in Mozilla or in other browsers... No more programming for tricking IE browser

More Performance and more security - It was expected by default. Nothing New.

Phishing get a new name - "Domain Highlighting".... Now address bar gets highlighted, If phishing occurs.

So one must update with the latest IE8, if they still use Internet Explorer. But before taking this step, please check the requirement. Because, anything possible with Microsoft as it was in the case of Vista. [ I am still waiting for the Vista SP1 release for Individuals, its almost 1.5 yrs of launch :(]

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