Mar 20, 2008

RISK of Recession in US/Global Economies, going to Hit India

This is the inference of my chat with Mr G who is working in IBM and right now working in US for a client.

G: What's your joining date and location?
me: hmmm...I don't have any information regarding it.
G: There is too much recession in US economy.
me: so what? will it affect my joining? or anything else.
G: Yeah!! Joining will get delayed.
G: And you need to work for more days in a week...may be 6 or 7.
me: Ohh!! :(

So the bad thing about this is that, we will be getting late joining and need to work more per week due to such recession in economies. Last such decline was observed in year 2002 and the current scenario is very much similar to 2002's situation. Just hope that our companies survive to such crappy thing.

if US sneezes, Asia will get cold.

What you think? what if India get Cold?? If companies like Infy & Accy which are mostly based on US Clients, suffered from this flu? Comments...

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