Jun 15, 2008

Protect your Pen Drive from being affected by Malicious Viruses

Sometimes our computers in a public lab creates a havoc when you insert your flash drive in USB port. The host computer which is most of the time affected by lots of viruses, worms etc senses the drive and starts attacking before you can move your mouse. Sometimes your data is lost or corrupted, And you give a damn to that PC.

We can do the same thing intelligently :-) So What you need to do for safeguarding your data on flash drive?

The answer to this very important question can be: Before plugging the drive, disable the writing mechanism first so that no program can change the bits on the drive.

How to disable the writing mechanism?

Step 1: Open the Registry editor. you can do the same by "regedit" command on Run or command prompt.

Step 2: Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies\WriteProtect

Step 3: Flip the bit to Enable Read-Only mode

Note: Make sure you undone the changes in registry after your work.

Though this method is not checked up to forensic level but it works at least logically.

If you're not a geek and no idea of registry editing and have a fear of doing the above things wrong, Don't worry we have a small application, Thumbscrew which do the same thing by a simple toggle switch.

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Jun 13, 2008

Pouring wonder

Monsoon is the only season
when u remember somebody without reason
the tinkling rain pearls on the leaves
reminds u of the moments u once weaved..
Even unsaid words say something..
n those unspoken says more then silence
the days that never had the sand of balance
as they say "no reason to fall for a reason"
starting to believe in these adages is you the PERSON.

You sit by the window or in the garden among the green lushes
feeling the days of college remarkably a period of crushes
the laptop n the coffee mug by the side
may be are the only friends who abide
distance strengthens the bond of any hood
but it also separates the leaves from the wood
As the days pass these leaves blow far away
and the tree also grows beyond the pathway
In directions u go leaving memory lanes
new chapters being written, remembering the past only
when it rains.

Oh droplets why do you remind me of 'ed's'..
when all I want is live in the present..
for this season gives me is not only pleasure
but brings back the days that were carefree laced with leisure
when my spirit was the slave of 'curiosity'
days n nights passed a without 'responsibility'
As I end dis I know after years another will be typed
when the season of life will change and arrives the MONSOON much hyped.

For all those who I call my friends,who were anytime there within good or bad,the ones I have had crushes on,the once who liked and perhaps do like me,my BEST FRENS(more then 1),my partners in crime and in good deeds,people who have praised me and consider worthwhile,for ONES I have met walking somewhere sometime and have liked and finally for the ones who remind me of the droplets during the MONSOON.

Jun 2, 2008

How to get rid of autorun.inf from pen drives or hard disk

Hi friends,
Today the cyber world is experiencing some serious problems. especially with the fast spreading trojans,viruses and scripting programs. We too have seen our college computers flodded with such trojans and viruses and these spread to our home computers via pen drives. And the worst part is that despite having good anti virus softwares installed at our placed, they failed to delete such files.

The crux f this problem lies in the autorun.inf or autorun.exe that executes secretly as soon as we open our hard disk or plug in our infected pen drives. These are normal files which help to create som tojans or viruses as the case may be and hence anti-viruses ignore them. Examples of files created by running of such files are 3xxx.cmd,t.com, i.com, VirusGuard.vbs MicrosoftPowerpont2007.exe and so on. So if today you open your hard disk drive or pen drive and found that your anti- virus software is detecting such files then beware these can spread to entire system.

To find out whether autorun.inf file exists in your system, go to dos prompt or command prompt (using CMD) and whichever drive you feel is infected, go to that drive. just press tab key and see if autorun.inf name appears. If it does appear then using edit autorun.inf try to figure out the name of files that it creates . After exitting the editor you can further use tab key to find all such files in your drive.

Once you have analyzed the drive, type the following to commands:

Attrib -h -s -r autorun.inf
del autorun.inf

Attrib -h -s -r autorun.exe
del autorun.exe

And then verify that they are gone by using dir /ah command.

Use the same commands with all filenames that you saw in the editor like
Attrib -h -s -r VirusGuard.vbs
del VirusGuard.vbs

In this way you can get rid of such hidden threats. For some viruses you might ned to restart PC as well.

Well this is a general solution though some good anti viruses like nod, quick heal etc can do that itself...

So just clean your PC and spread the solution for this problem to all.